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Time Stops for No One

A jubilant little fellow, a sprig of blonde hair, bright-eyed and grinning. Wearing a sash draped across his chest with the numbers 2017, a diaper and a black top hat; in all his youth he is naked with no shame. He cheerily toddles about, noisemaker in his chubby hand ready to ring in the New Year for all those who will listen and oblivious to all those who will not.

Stricken with age, hunched over, long gray beard, cloaked in a robe, scythe in one hand and an hourglass in the other. He only moves forward. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. He cuts through the air with his scythe, clearing his path from the visible and invisible, so he can continue to move forward. He must move forward. His constant companion is the ticking and tocking of time as one minute is lost to the hour, and the hour is swallowed up by the day, and the day is engulfed by the night.

The baby and the old man meet for the first time. The old man removes the noisemaker from the baby’s chubby little hand and replaces it with the hourglass. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Time never stands still. Time only moves forward. The exchange has been made.

The baby latches his fingers around the hourglass as he would a rattle and toddles forward along the path that is set before him. The old man watches as the baby’s toddling turns into walking as he treks forward down the corridor of time. A single tear of sadness, or perhaps joy, trails down the old man’s weathered cheek. The old man’s duties are done; he disappears. For those of us who have run our course, time ceases to exist.

As each month goes by, that little baby with the sprig of blonde hair will get older. By December, he will be the old man, ready to hand over his duties of time-keeping to a new bright-eyed jubilant little fellow.

Time is constant; it only moves forward. Unlike Baby New Year and Father Time, we are not guaranteed twelve months, let alone a day, to accomplish our duties.

I like to think that during his twelve-month tenure, Father Time was making certain that everything was all set and in place for Baby New Year so there would be no loose ends when Baby New Year took over Father Time’s duties. No chaos, but a seamless transition.

We are now a month into the New Year. Baby New Year is now a boisterous ten-year-old lad, most likely playing catch with that hourglass.

When it comes to Estate Planning, truth be told, time is not on our side. Don’t delay. Make certain you have a plan in place so that the disappearance of time for you doesn’t prove to be chaotic for your loved ones, but a smooth and seamless transition.

No matter if you are Baby New Year or Father Time, at Rock Solid Law we are here to make certain that your plan is Rock Solid, full of certainty and purpose.

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