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At Rock Solid Law, we are passionate about helping clients with their commercial and residential real estate transactions. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a sophisticated investor, we take pride in helping people realize the dream of acquiring, owning and profiting from real property. We firmly believe that home ownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream. 

As part of our real estate practice, we provide unparalleled closing and escrow services, as well as title insurance policies to protect your investment. We work hard to make sure your closing with Rock Solid Law will be the best you have ever experienced.  When you hire us to help with your closing, you can be assured that one of our attorneys will personally close your transaction. We also believe that closings should be celebrated, and invite you to experience one of our “Closing Celebrations,” whether you are buying, selling, or simply refinancing a loan on your property. 

Remember if you are selling or refinancing, it is your right to choose who handles your closing. Don’t settle for a title company when you can have an experienced attorney handle your transaction. Often times the seller’s real estate agent or broker chooses the party providing closing services, so be sure to ask your realtor to order closing services from a law firm like us.

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