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RSL Pet Trusts

Estate Planning is Not Only for Humans

What Happens To My Pets If Something Happens To Me?

Fido. The Latin dictionary states that the meaning of Fido is “to trust and confide in” or “I am faithful”.

Fido is commonly the name of a dog. If any of you have ever shared your life with a dog, you know that the word “Fido” acutely captures the essence of your canine companion. I am not ashamed to admit that all of my children wear fur coats. Yes, they really do. I share my life with one evil cat, two rambunctious dogs, and one couch potato (who is actually a dog in disguise).

Pets Are Family

I start my day in their company and our night ends with me tucking them into their cozy spots. If I ever desire a walking companion, Rex, my German Shepherd, is always game to go. If the mood strikes me to throw a ball, Petey, my American Bulldog, can’t wait to jump in the car and drive to the park. If I’d like to go cruising on my pink bike, Indy, is more than happy to get off the couch and go for a ride. Kiki, my cat, has been with me since the days of law school. We’ve studied for the New York bar exam and the Florida bar exam together.

Petey, Indy, Rex, and Kiki are my constant companions. Their little beings light up when I come into the room; they comfort me when I am upset; ignore my bad habits, and unconditionally accept me for who I am. That, in my book, is faithful devotion and loyalty.

My four furry ones depend on me. I, solely, provide for their basic care; which includes shelter, food, treats (probably too many), veterinary care, and exercise. Being that each of them was either rescued from death row at an animal shelter or found as a stray, I owe it to them to make certain they are provided for in case something happens to me. They are my
faithful friends, the least I can do is protect their future.

So many people think that a family member or friend will step-up and care for their furry companion in case they become incapacitated or pass away. Take a trip to the local animal shelter and I guarantee if you ask the kennel assistant to
tell you the story of how each one of those dogs or cats ended up at there a common answer will be that the pet’s owner could no longer care for them due to physical or mental incapacity or had passed away.

Even though someone promises to take care of your pet, that does not mean they actually will when the time comes. In many cases, people have the best of intentions but are unable to carry them out due to their own personal situation.

Many other people say that the care of their pet is covered in their Will. First, a Will doesn’t take effect until it is probated. The probate process is expensive and can take a while to start. During this delay, who will be taking care of your furry family member? Second, the Court cannot enforce provisions in a Will along the lines of “I give my cousin Suzie $10,000.00 to take care of Fluffy.” The Court will not monitor what Suzie does with Fluffy after she receives the $10,000.00. Suzie could take the money and drop Fluffy off at the pound to be euthanized. Yes, this really did happen.

Don’t count on your Will to provide for the care of your furry family member. The Court will not enforce the provisions regarding your pet’s fate.

So, how do I protect my pet in the case that I am incapacitated or pass away?

Not to worry! We’ve got you and your furball covered. The attorneys at Rock Solid Law are experts at creating Pet Protection Plans or PetTrusts! These documents are legally enforceable. Yes, your wishes and directions regarding the fate of your furry family members can be Rock Solid no matter what the future may hold.

Learn how you can protect your pets with Yasmin W. Adamy, Esq., Rock Solid Law’s pet-loving attorney. To schedule your consultation, call (904) 241-1113 today.

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